Pinelia is Family owned business. Our olive trees are located in the western region of Messinia, Greece near Koryfasio village. Harvested from the "Koroneiki" variety. Our focus is producing the best quality olive oil with high concentration in polyphenols.

Sustainable: We follow processes that are sustainable for the environment. In the production of 500ml olive oil, the olive trees can remove approximately 5kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Processing:  Our olive oil uses cold press extracted < 26°.

Our olive oil harvest uses solely biological methods.

Quality assurance according to:

ISO9001:2008 & ISO22000


If you are interested in more information about our harvesting methods or want to get more information about our products and services,
or just stay in touch.

You can reach us at mypinelia@gmail.com

Pinelia in Germany

Mühlnenstr. 2b, 85737, Ismaning DE

VAT: DE309688113

Contact Information

+49 151 2765-2131
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“Your olive oil is among the best that we have had the opportunity to try in the past few months - a huge compliment.”

From kitchenheores.de
Neustadt, Germany
“This is the best olive oil we ever tasted. We use the Premium oil as a health supplement every morning to our daily life”

From W. & U. Dorgeist
Munich, Germany
“I didn't know what olive oil was supposed to taste like until I tried Pinelia. After this I have no plans to go back to what I used before.”

From Greg Kregoski
Loveland, CO, USA


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